Pulse Europe 2023 session: All about Building an Academy that supercharges your CS team

  • 13 November 2023
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Hi All,

On Wednesday I’ll be speaking at Pulse in Amsterdam🎉

Can’t wait to meet a lot of CS & CS people and I hope to get a lot of questions during/ after the presentation to really help you get the most out of the topic: Building an Academy that supercharges your CS team.


I’ll share the 8 steps to building an Academy, and will include a few fuck-ups I went through and how to avoid this. An Academy becomes an essential part of your business if it’s well integrated into the CS practices and strategy so I’ll share how we’ve done this as well.


Will I see you on Wednesday?


5 replies

@Lobke Session was great! 
Which channels do you believe will be ideal to promote an academy with users?

And how often would you say it is important to keep promoting in order to keep customers coming back and being engaged?

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@Lobke Great Session!
I am interested to know what you would suggest when launching content for an academy?
What would be the best way to do it, to launch it all in one go or roll it out in phases?

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Hi @Ujwala_y
At Foleon we use all Marketing channels, except from paid ads, to promote the Academy or specific courses. I want a course to be highlighted in our monthly newsletter each month, our CSMs have the Academy as part of their email signature, we send out emails to relevant user segments to announce that a new course is out, etc. 

Do you have an existing Academy? What channels work for you?

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Hi @Aman,

I guess both can work but I would say it depends on the amount of content you have, and what your capacity is to continue to develop new content. It’s definetly a good idea to continue to roll out content as it’s what triggers users to return to the Academy.

Are you about to launch an Academy yourself? 

Wasn’t at pulse but am looking forward to watching your session! We are investing in customer education and the Bazaarvoice University and want to learn from others on making the most impact in a program. ]