co-pilot details

Do we have an email

limit to send through Gainsight?

Will there be a copy of the sent email stored somewhere once it is sent, such as on  SFDC account as an acitivity?


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Right now the limits are at 100,000 emails per outreach / list. A list can have a max of 100k contacts at any point of time. 

Nevertheless you should not start with that high a number, you need to start with few thousands and then gradually increase to a higher number in a month or two.

If you are planning to send a large number of emails, please follow the best practices mentioned here. Get in touch with your CSM to get more details.

Gainsight does not store any emails that is sent via copilot or other features. This is part of our medium term roadmap (3-6 months).
Hi Sundar, related to storage, I can see some outreaches sent from say director or VP to a specific set of customers/contacts, and we need to cc CSM on it. Is that possible today?

In the training, i believed someone mentioned that co-pilot admin will receive an email confirmation on whom the email has actually been sent to. Of course, i can then blast to CSMs to ask them to give it a look to understand the email hitting their own customers. But that's not very efficient or scalable. i would encourage and appreciate Gainsight to think through how to take the admin or CS operations out of the visibility loop to make it easier for the team to have direct visibility to the outreaches hitting their book, esp. when some complicated filter is applied. Thanks. 
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We had a discussion on this and added this (capability to Cc)  to the roadmap. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Glad to hear this Sundar. We are just wrapping up Success Express so very new to Gainsight. Love the product. You guys have done an amazing job. Our Sales guys send hand-off emails to Customer Success. I'd love to automate this and tie it to Opp closed won and have Co-pilot send an email to the customer from Sales and cc Customer Success. Either cc or multiple "to's" would work for us. Thanks!