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  • 21 July 2017
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Hoping for some suggestions/ideas here. We have a product that depending on the reason for purchase will not have "normal" usage.  Our CSM Leadership team is looking for a way to indicate whether a user will be a power user or a more seasonal/occasional user, and then, tailor alerts and copilot campaigns based on that designation.  Has anyone done something similar? I'm thinking we could create a field on the contact record to designate, and then, use that as a filter for Copilot.  Since we have multiple products though, that could get tricky.  Would love any additional ideas.

3 replies

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I suggest leveraging the RelationshipContact object.  [This is the junction object that captures which Contacts are associated with a given Relationship.]  If is normal to add custom fields to this object to hold details of what the connection between that contact and the relationship is all about.  

It is possible to use this in a PowerList but there are some subtleties.  [See].  Even better is to use the Bionic Query capability in Advanced Outreach....soon you will be able to send a single email with that. 
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Heather - when and how do you know whether the user is expected to be a power user or occasional user of a given product?  Do you use the usage data to determine this or is there some other user type in the product data itself?
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Hi Denise, 

Usually, we would ask the main contact during the Success Plan process during on-boarding.