Ideas for Content to send 1:Many via CoPilot Outreaches

  • 2 August 2016
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Many customers are interested in hearing from others what types of messages they are sending to their customers via CoPilot, in an effort to proactively reach contacts with a tech touch approach. Information on upcoming events such as conferences, webinars or training sessions, educational content in the form of blogs or articles. What else? And how do you determine what recipients to target and how many outreaches are too many? 

Please share your insight and experiences!

5 replies

Here are some additional ideas for 1:many outreaches:

  • Product Release notes
  • Implementation project status updates
  • Emails to drive adoption
  • NPS Surveys and NPS follow-ups
Looking forward to hearing from others! 
All of the above are use-cases we have.
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I've seen some good example use cases around (1) advising customers on upcoming renewals, (2)  celebrating anniversaries, and (3) regularly timed check-in emails...timed from the original contract date, for example.  Those may also refer the customer to webinars or other training content (as noted above).
Yes we do many of these things Elaine. We actually have a whole schedule that notifies customers of their upcoming renewal and how to complete the renewal through our online portal. The nice thing is that we can write the message from the voice and delivery of a person rather than a system. We have found that if the email appears to have come from a human, we get a great deal more action take by the customer. The nice thing is that if they do follow the instructions, we may have a zero-touch renewal (it has happened many times since this process was introduced!).
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That's awesome to hear how you're using CoPilot, Ben!

Zero Touch Renewals, you say?!?