Ability to easily Roll-Up records in a summary calculation

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Currently in Gainsight, there are a couple rollup fields that are available out of the box (open cases and open tasks). 


Rolling up number of records is a very common use case as most CSMs would like to see things like: 

  • Count of Escalated Cases
  • Count of Open/Won/About to Close Opportunities
  • Count of Contacts
  • Count of completed Surveys
  • And many more…


These are simple use cases to solve for but within Gainsight, you currently need to build bionic rules to count these records. Building rules for this is a bit cumbersome and also leads to a 2 hour delay on the counts. This provides a less than ideal solution for clients who want to see realtime counts and not have the data delayed. 


Within other systems, admins are able to create roll-up summary fields to easily count records. Is it possible to get a solution similar to what is provide in tools like Salesforce so that its easier for Admins to create these roll-up fields and also have the calculation run in real time so that there is no delay on the data. 



+1 from me. Thanks for posting this @jean.nairon 

Any status on this? 

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​​​​​​+1 from me! 


I just had to rollup risk CTA’s - rather than a straight up count of these I did a rule to create in a boolean format though - however if there was an automatic rollup then I’d definitely just use the number. 

Hi @jean.nairon  

This is a great idea. A couple of questions here:

  • Would you prefer these fields to be available OOTB on Company object? 
  • How about if there is a dataset where this is available along with some company fields? 

cc: @venky_reddy_k  @shantan_reddy 

Hi @rakesh

I think for certain objects that are OOTB, it would make sense to include them OOTB. The more we can make it easier to drive visibility on how many records we have, the better. 

I’m not sure I fully understand your second option. Do you mean if there was another object with these fields in it?


Yes @jean.nairon 

The 2nd option was to see if this info were available in another object, would it still be valuable? 

Yes, as long as the info can be related to a Relationship or Company object.