Ability to Edit Journey Orchestrator Programs

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I continually hear that this is a commonly requested feature but was surprised that there doesn't seem to be a post specific to this topic (searched by Programs and Advanced Outreach) vs the one off requests for individual program functions. 

I have to highlight just how frustrating it is that you cannot edit a published Program (save for the schedule and entry criteria).

You can't change the query

You can't add or remove a step

You can't tweak the settings of a Create CTA step (this required duplicating the journey twice to to try a different setting and then remove the step due to the bug)

You can't adjust the wait timer

You can't modify the conditions on a conditional wait

Nearly every single adjustment to a Program requires duplicating it and then tracking historical metrics manually. This is not just an issue with live Programs but with Programs that are built to test. Since it has to be published to run through the test conditions, any corrections are to be made on a duplicated version.

The biggest issue I have found regarding this missing functionality is that you lose any 'once in a lifetime'  or re-entry criteria limitations you set on the original journey. Any time we've had to make a little tweak, either due to addressing bugs or actual changes to our flow, has required duplicating the journey (now on our 4th iteration) and we lose that limitation.

There is no native way to prevent someone from re-entering the duplicate journeys. The only way I can think to prevent this is to now go back and edit the logic in the query builder filter to exclude any contact that received a specified email in X amount of days...which is a different space/data set task to incorporate and will require a rework of my entire query AND . . . duplicating the journey.
Kelly - thank you so much for documenting this so thoroughly! +100
Kelly is da bomb!
Hi Kelly, Kate and Jeff,

Thanks for sharing this. We are planning to have post edit changes in JO for the following in the short term roadmap. I will update here once we know the ETA.

a. Edit CTA Steps

b. Edit wait timer

c. Edit Conditional Wait

d. Edit Query - Allow to edit filters in the query


Abhishek S
Hi All, changing this to an Idea post.

Thanks for posting!
Well done, Kelly!

Thanks and please do Abhishek.  If this is the direction GS is going - per the roadmap earlier this week - we want to know when these necessary changes are coming as they will have a large impact on our adoption of the feature.
Thanks Abhishek

This is saying Implemented, but I'm not sure all of the things in the post have been implemented. For example, I have a Email Model running that I need to add a step to, and it doesn't appear I can do so without cloning and completetly redoing it. Maybe I'm missing something though. I'm also running into the same issue of preventing someone from re-entering duplicate journeys without a good deal of work.

With the July release, you can make changes to the query and make changes to a CTA, but I agree many of the items in the post are implemented yet.

For preventing a contact from re-entering a program, I pull in a dataset of previous participants for that program and then exclude them in the final output task. I do that on each.and.every.journey. It would be so much easier if query builder lists were created outside of the program and then could be referenced several times across programs, ie an exclusion list. Feel free to vote for the post here :)

Any update on the ability to edit/add to additional programs?

Beyond needed. The ability to add a condition to a conditional wait but the greyed out time limit field make no sense from a priority standpoint. Before adding new things we need to be able to modify existing conditions………….. Please fix this. 

Hey @anirbandutta, can you bring this up to the team? It seems nothing’s happened for two years and the issues remain the same. Thanks!

@PavanCh could share the latest on this?

Chiming in here as well. The inability to edit the conditional wait when it is a default step in the program (but ability to edit a conditional wait when it is a non-default conditional wait step) is very frustrating. As Kelly said, if I make a mistake, or want to adjust a program because I find that I want to change the conditional wait after testing out an initial program launch, I have to duplicate that program and now have to historically track previous participants manually with my reporting. 

Please provide the ability to edit the conditional wait step when it is a default step in a program.

Hi there, it’s been more than 3 years. I would love to be able edit the steps in a program without creating an entirely new one. It’s obnoxious when it comes to reporting.

For example, I need to add a conditional wait. It would be great if I could just pause the program to make the simple change. 

+1 on the above as well, I need to make a tiny tweak to a Conditional Wait and now need to recreate a very complicated NPS Journey. Please please please consider this again soon!

It looks like there have been some changes to JO in the previous 3 years. However, I don’t see a way to add a new conditional wait step here without deleting every step after it and then rebuilding. 

It’s very time consuming and also limits your ability to iterate as you learn how customers are engaging with the sequence. 

Are there any plans to be able to move steps around and/or add new steps inside of existing journeys?

@PavanCh anything we can share?

Any updates here? It would also be convenient to be able to add a conditional wait step immediately following the participant step to give additional flexibility to these programs. It would also be a welcome change to be able to drag and drop on the canvas. Curious if either of those are on the roadmap.

Hi @dylan_campbell ,

Happy to share that we are actively working on a new free - from drag and drop editor experience aimed at addressing the challenges we have today.

It will allow you to add a step anywhere in the program, disconnect and reconnect the connectors allowing for the flexibility to modify a program.

This is currently in design phase 

Updated idea statusPartially FixedIN DEVELOPMENT

Chiming in here to ask if the changes that are currently in development will allow us to edit simple journeys after they’ve been published as well?

We’re getting a few of our surveys up and running so we have to run quite a few tests, and it seems quite impractical to need to duplicate a journey after every test while we figure out the correct source fields, segments, etc.

Seeing that this is in development. Looks like this has been a request for 4 years that would be really valuable to a lot of users! Any updates as to where this sits on the roadmap?

Looks like this feature would really help a large number of people, including us. Haven’t seen any updates on this in awhile, and the original post was from 4 years ago. Are there any updates that can be shared?