Add PX Analytics filter options for Browser and Device Type

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It would be great to include Browser and Device Type as available filters in PX Analytics.  We still use Google Analytics for this analysis and would like to do this in PX if possible.


Gainsight Add-on…


We do currently support targeting PX Engagements by Device, platform (OS), and Browser and we also have a Dashboard widget available for Browser analysis.  See below screenshots:


+1 on this ask.

 Your response only addresses targeting and overall browser usage in app, but I want to see a breakdown of browsers visiting a certain page, and who those accounts belong to. I also want to request is filters for adoption analytics (page views, for example) to be able to be broken down by browser types.

+1 for this ask as it will help us to compare users on mobile and desktop.

Hi everyone, was there any update with this request? We also have a need to compare users who entered into a product on mobile vs users who entered the same product with desktop.

Any update on this? My product is primarily a web-app, but we need to understand how much of our usage is coming from mobile devices and tablets so that we can prioritize how responsive we make the user interface. 

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