Adding Account Team Members through Gainsight

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We are working on bringing more of our teams into Gainsight. In doing so, we want to streamline their workflows to be using as few of tools as necessary. One thing we need managers and teams to be able to do is assign Technical Project Managers and Project Managers to accounts. Currently, these are setup as lookups in SFDC. Because of this, I believe, we aren't able to change them from fields in Gainsight.

We could write their name to a field in Gainsight, but we want to be able to trigger CTAs to them based on different factors on the accounts, and trigger emails to their customers. I'd like to do this without having to create 3+ custom fields for TPM and PMs in Gainsight (First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Email, User ID, etc.).

Is there a way to be able to assign TPMs and PMs in Gainsight where we could pull the same information we are able to for CSMs?
We have a similar use case, except taking it one step further.  We want to bring our Technical Account Managers into Gainsight, however since our TAMs are product line-specific, it is not uncommon to have multiple TAMs on the same account, in addition to a CSM.

In addition, we have some accounts that due to their global nature may need to have multiple CSMs assigned to manage business in various regions.  

I thought that Relationships would be the way we could address these use cases, but it seems you still need to be able to associate these team members to the account to pull them into Relationships (we still haven't quite gotten the Relationship feature figured out.)

We badly need the ability to assign more than one team member of similar type.  This is a blocker to us being able to scale our implementation of Gainsight the way we want to.
Hey Jeff,

Would you want to be able to assign these in Gainsight or would you want them to only be assigned in SFDC? 

For us, we can create some of these fields in SFDC, but our big thing is we want to be able to have a manager assign them to the account from within Gainsight.
They are already added/assigned in Salesforce.  We need a way to associate them to the Customer in Gainsight.
If they live on the account object in SFDC, aren't they already associated with it in Gainsight? 
They are associated with the Account Object via an additional object called Account Members.  Something about we cannot do layered lookups between objects prevents us from associating them to the Customer in GS.
I will add that we also have other roles that we want to be able to attach to an account - sometimes not in a permanent capacity, i.e. consultants.
Doesn't look like we've heard from PM on this topic.  Just curious to know if/when this will get worked into roadmap. We're getting a lot of internal pressure on this front.
Any update on this? Jeff and I chatted about use cases and what he's outlined above is critical for our success.
We also have the same use case as Amber and Jeff. Would be interested in hearing if there are any plans in leveraging the Account Team object in SFDC into GainSight.
Same for us 🙂
Same here too. +1
This would be helpful for us as well.

We are currently using bionic rules to map the CSM Team Lead and Implementation Manager from the Account Team to custom fields on the Customer Info object. This allows us to assign CTAs to these team members. 
Any update on if the Account Team object will be supported in Gainsight?

Short term you could replicate the Account Team object into the MDA, and use lookups for ID to a data synced (GS connect) field on the GS user object. 


Account teams (like account contact relationships) could use some parity in gainsight. 


Can you please explain your workaround in more detail?


  1. Make an object in the MDA with fields to match the account teams object.
  1. Make a rule to populate the object.
    1. You’ll probably need both mappings (GSID lookup and SFDC ID mapping) 

Hello! Outside of the workaround provided by Kyle, has there been any movement on this request?  For Account Teams from SFDC to be brought into Gainsight?

Hi folks, this is accomplished by creating a custom field on the Gainsight Company object and then creating a derived mapping using the Salesforce connector (assuming you’re syncing with Salesforce) to map the User ID to that custom field. This will allow you to just create one mapping that can then be used to extract all other user fields like first name, last name, email, etc. 


Custom field creation:

Configuring Salesforce connector to use derived mappings:


If anyone needs some hands on help to work through this, I’d recommend throwing the idea into the Office Hours thread for April 22nd’s session.