Allow the same level of Global Filter configuration on Gainsight Home as is available for Dashboards

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The limitations of the GS Home filters are now even more apparent now that we can have different GS Home Layouts and assign them to other users.  In the current configuration the Cockpit and Timeline sections of Gainsight home are filtered to the CTAs and TL Entries that are linked to the COMPANY objects that the user filter identifies.  If the User (CSM, TAM, etc) has CTAs or TL entries linked to companies outside that filter logic, they do NOT show up.  This became very apparent when we made a layout for our TAMs who support many customers where they are not the “dedicated” TAM on the account, and their CTAs and TL entries do not show up in GS Home.

Another issue with the limited configurations is the inability to apply a filter to a different data object other than Company or Relationship.  This makes it impossible to filter Data Designer data sets, or SalesForce Data sets like you can in the Dashboard Global Filters.  

I get that it is trying to make it simple, or easy, but limiting these options actually makes it HARDER on the Admin as they can’t manage the display of data for users acurately.

Ah!  Thanks for sharing, @travis_floyd!  I’m getting ready to roll this out, so this is good to know!



All of these!

@anirbandutta Can we get an update on this? Specifically for us, the CTA widget in Summary is causing some confusion.

@Neha Gupta can you pl take a look

@travis_floyd @heather_hansen @sarahmiracle @bradley We are looking into this . We will post an update soon.

@Neha Gupta Any updates on potentially adding this feature in the near-term?

@Neha Gupta we’re experiencing issues with this too. I’ve been asked about it so frequently I’ve had to put a text banner on Gainsight Home to explain the difference between Global Filters on Home vs. Dashboards.