Formula Fields: Support for 'Title Case'

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Hey Team,


In DD, RE, RB the functionality exists to add a formula field and turn an existing field to all upper case, or lower case, however I can’t see an option for title case.


An example of this would be to correct name fields from being all upper case, or all lower case prior to loading into an MDA object, or as a preventative measure before sending an email in JO.


If this functionality exists already, apologies in advance and please feel free to point me in the right direction!





Title case is a great function for string value fields. We often get messy Name data where first and last names do not have the correct Capitalization.


If we are adding string functions, how about a “split” function! I would love to separate emails on the @ symbol or full names on the first occurance of space “ “


Ben Wanless