KC Bot - add multiple sources

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A customer has a  KC bot enabled. Now they want to embed their help as a search source (google). There are different helps for different editions of the product and user types and they use the Google docs article search option to define the source(s). They would like to be able to set different sources for different bots as today, they can only define the sources globally.

@GSNickiHunt I will check the possibilities with the product team and get back to you.

@GSNickiHunt Is it like you want to define something like sub categories within a category to configure in KC Bot so that you can define 1 workflow for 1 category/sub category?

@GSNickiHunt we need your inputs here.

@sai_ram I have been speaking with @skalle offline on this topic, let me know if there is still any clarification needed

Is this considered implemented under: 

However, I’m having an issue with this… see: