Loading data from Google sheets

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Would love to be able to upload data (either to a rule or MDA) directly from Google sheets instead of having to use S3 as a connector.  For example, we are pulling a lot of product data into Google sheets to slice and dice and decide who we want to target for campaigns, and I have to export from the Google sheet to Excel and then load the excel to the S3 to grab and pull into GS.  Would love to just connect Google sheets to GS and be able to save some steps.

@heather_hansen we understand the problem, sorry for the inconvenience. We have explored this use-case for updating the scorecard but we faced few technical challenges.

I will once again check with the Product team about the progress on this. Thanks

@heather_hansen , Thanks for this feature request. Currently, we don’t have this in our roadmap. We would request you to continue using the S3 approach till this feature is prioritised.

Requesting viewers to upvote in order to prioritise this request.

@Ritesh Sharma  Do we have any update on this?

@Ritesh Sharma  Do we have any update on this?

@rakesh @inagar 

@heather_hansen We recently leveraged Zapier to import the data from google sheets to Gainsight and happily it worked.

Through this we  were able to build cost effective approach  for one of the processes we are in pilot mode.

Fairly certain there should be a way to use google API to do this too.