Objectives removed for C360 Cockpit

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Our teams use Objectives slightly different than the intended use, and removing them from the C360 cockpit is causing some challenges on our side. Was thinking it might be good to have an option of what types of CTAs should be shown in the Cockpit versus somewhere else that the Admin could configure. I'm thinking a checkbox that would just tell the system to include/exclude from C360 cockpit. Happy to share more details of our use case for Objectives if it will help.
Agree with Heather. To be able to include objective CTAs again would be great.
I agree with this as well.  It should be the option of the Gainsight Admin to determine if they show or not.  Removing them requires the CSM to view two different sections on the Customer 360.  Yes, they can view in the Cockpit tab, but that is another click and filters to specific customers.  The Cockpit on the Customer 360 should have all of the CTAs for that customer.
I'll +1 this as well. While I do understand the use case for not showing objective CTAs, there is also a good use case for including them. 

Perhaps something as simple as a checkbox would make everyone happy. :)

This would then fix the subsequent issue regarding the Open Calls to Action widget no longer displaying the Objective CTAs either. 

Thanks for the suggestions. We will add the option to include objectives in 360 > cockpit section.
Is there a timeline for this update?
+1  We also need the ability to see Objective CTA's in the C360 Cockpit section. It would be nice to be able to have the CSM select to display or not with the Admin choosing the default.
Hi Nitishia,

Is there a timeline for this update? Would love to see it pushed through as a hotfix!
Great to here! Not having this functionality has thrown a kink into the way we work and I am happy to see it will be coming back.
+ 1 to Jennifer and Dan's comments.  I actually have talked to a lot of customers who don't want objective CTAs showing in the Cockpit CTA section of the C360 but I definitely think adding flexibility to support both would be valuable.  Thanks! 
Was this part of the 5.5 release,  I am not seeing this in the release notes. We also need the ability to view Objectives in the cockpit on the CS360. It is causing confusion that the objective is not listed in the cockpit but rather having to scroll down to the Success Plan section. What is the ETA for this fix?
It would be extremely helpful to include these in the cockpit section.  Specifically our on-boarding objective CTAs - which are very important to track on a time sensitive matter
Hi Nitishia, Is there any update on the timeline for this?
Nitishia - Is this projected for the Spring release? And will the option be provided in the R360 as well? This is a definite need for us.
Hi Renee,

Yes, this is a part of spring release and the option will be available in R360 as well.


I just verified this is fixed in today's release.  To get it go to Administration -> Calls To Action -> Show Objectives in C360 Cockpit.

Thanks 🙂
I love that objective CTA's are once again visible in the cockpit on the C360. However, I noticed objectives are not calculating in the count of CTA's in the summary widget at the top of the C360. Is it possible to get objectives to count here as well?
Hi Martha,

Count of objectives is available in success plan widget since objectives are tightly integrated with success plans. Success Plans widget can be added in 360 similar to CTA widget. 


Thanks Nitisha!