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While I am in the Customer Success 360 view, it would be good to go to the next customer, like turning pages, flipping through them. It would be good to be able to move from account to account in the 360 view without having to enter the names one by one.
Sven, thanks for the feedback! This would be a great navigational improvement. Were you thinking that from a customer list you would be able to scroll (back/forward/back to list) within the list you currently have pulled up? And if you do a search for a single customer there will be no list to scroll through? 
Hi Emily,

it is really around having a single customer "A" open and having the ability to move to Customer "B" with a button, like next page, or next customer. does that make sense?
Hi Sven, that makes sense! I am just wondering how we would know what customer you would want to see next. My assumption is that it is the next customer in the list you were just viewing. But if you have something else in mind we are all ears! 
Next customer on the list would be GREAT this is how I would want to see it today. Thank you Emily!!!
Thanks for the details! As I mentioned earlier, I will make sure our product team has visibility into this so that we can get some feedback from them. 
this is HUGE when needing to do mass updates or several updates to a specific customer list.  Incredible time saver.
I agree that this would be great to have. One suggestion one of our CSMs had was to have a drop down list of the customers you are subscribed to, and select the customer from there instead of having to search for a customer.