Reassign ownership of CTA when CSM of a company changes

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Reassign ownership of CTA when CSM of a company changes. It must happen automatically instead of using Mass edit to change ownership.

Hi @sai33335 - this does not happen automatically as there may be important reasons to keep ownership of some CTAs with the previous CSM (if they are finishing up some tasks as part of a transition period). Given that there are many variables to consider as to which CTAs should be reassigned, and to whom, and when - it’s important not to make assumptions to automatically assign, while simultaneously allowing admins to mass edit based on criteria they set. 

@sai33335 did you get a chance to view the above comments? 

Hi @dan_ahrens! Another perspective for you: when addressing issues of scalability, looking to automate manual tasks like CTA reassignment is definitely up there on the list for our organization. I think most gainsight admins can make the determination on what CTA assignments, based on engagement model, make sense to build automation for.  Many admins/organizations could easily define the criteria needed to make that determination without necessarily having a person completing the task manually. 

There are many use cases for this kind of functionality and I am a proponent of building in a way to automate CTA reassignment. :grinning:


We have plans on our roadmap to enhance the CTA rules action to allow updating the CTA owner. This should help address the use-case…..but for now the only option available in the Mass edit


Any updates on this?  My use case is a little different.  We have a process for OnBoarding, and sometimes there’s a bit of delay in getting an AM or CSM assigned, and the CTA fires before assignment.  Ideally, I’d like the CTA to be reassigned once the assignment happens OR to be able to write a rule to catch that and change the assignment accordingly.

@heather_hansen  Would the ability to update the CTA owner via rule as Aditya mentioned solve your problem?

@sriram pasupathi  Yes, that should work.  Thanks!

i have the same use case as @heather_hansen! The CSMs are quickly becoming annoyed with the lack of this ability.  Not to mention I have to go in almost daily to make sure things are reassigned.

@Ricardogs18 Would the ability to update the CTA owner via rules solve this? That’s something we are looking at in the medium term roadmap.



Any updates from the Gainsight team? Some people were asking me about automatically updating CTA’s, not sure if that’s available besides the mass edit tool. 

Hi Gainsight Team! I am also interested in this functionality, it would be great to create a rule to transfer both Success Plans and CTA’s to the new CSM.

Updating Success plans and CTAs is in medium term roadmap. Does that solve reassigning ownership?

Currently, I do this through rules using the Call External API action. I’m unsure if something similar would work for you, but it has worked well for us to update owners automatically on Tasks, CTA’s, and Success Plans.

I created 3 actions to update the SuccessPlans/CTA’s/Tasks on the Gainsight API, and 3 different rules to go with them. Using CTAs as an example, I identified the CTA types where all open CTAs should be assigned to the Company Owner, and fetched for the correct types/status from the Call to Action object, pulling in the:

  2. CTA Owner GSID
  3. Company Owner GSID

I transformed the data after this fetch, pulling over these 3 fields to the show side, but adding a filter at the bottom to limit only those needing to be updated:

  1. Company Owner GSID not equals CTA Owner GSID

Then, in rule actions, I select the Call External API and the Gainsight API action I created to update CTA Owners and map the CTA GSID and Company Owner GSID into the fields of my API action.

I have various forms of this rule running, as some CTAs and plans require other owners from the Company to be assigned, but I just make those adjustments by pulling in the correct owner GSID, updating the filter in the transform, and ensuring the correct owner GSID is mapped back in the final action. We only do our large owner updates weekly, if needed, so I have scheduled it to run following the weekly update, but I’m sure you could schedule it as needed to pick up the changes as they happen in your environment. 

+1 to this functionality. A very common ask and I think with my CSMs moving around their book, this should come in extremely handy.


@ophirsw : This can be a good addition to the simplicity initiative.

Hi @meenal_shukla ,

We are working on enabling Update CTA action via Rules. This will be available as a part of the Rules Engine Revamp which is slated for Beta in Q4 2022, tentatively.




Hello, where are we with this feature? Thanks!