Restrict Playbook Visibility

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We have multiple segments within our teams that support different products which requires customized playbooks for each team (e.g. Product A and B both have an onboarding playbook but with different steps). This is quickly becoming an issue because of the number of playbooks visible when creating a CTA. Our work around now is appending the product to the end of the playbooks, so CSMs can search for their product but that doesn’t really scale.

We’d like the ability to assign permissions to each playbook, so when a CSM from Product A creates a CTA they only see those playbooks assigned to their team and none of the playbooks for Product B. 

This sounds like a great idea! 
Ideally like the permissions in dashboards work, having the ability to set permissions to a single one and at folder level too… And now that I think about it, extending the same to templates!