Salesforce & inSided integration: Idea status field is required

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We have the Salesforce and inSided integration set up. However, the Idea post Status field is not included in the integration. After interviewing a half dozen of our CSMs to find out what is most important for them to see in salesforce (and Gainsight) with regard to their customers’ community engagement, the single most popular request is to see their customers’ Idea posts and status. I also see our CSMs asking our product team via Slack, all day everyday, for updates on product enhancement status. If we could provide this visibility in Salesforce/Gainsight, it would be a big win.

Can you please, please, pretty please add this to the integration? Or let us know if you're working on another way to bring Idea status into the Gainsight app?

FYI @dan_at_community for a solution to bringing in Idea Status to Salesforce/Gainsight.

@lila_meyer were you able to solve for this somehow? Has there been any update from inSided in regards to the status of this idea? I somehow overlooked that Idea Status doesn’t sync to SFDC and that’s a big concern for us as well.

@dan_at_community oversees the Gainsight Community now, but I don’t think we have Idea Status in SFDC/Gainsight yet unfortunately. Ideally, it would be included in the OOTB integration with SFDC, since we’d have to coordinate with other depts who use Zapier.

@adam.ballhaussen - Lila is correct that the only path at this point is the Zapier route, which we have not deployed. 

Does anyone here have the link to the Zap they used for this?

🙌 @tiffany.oda I’d love to get access to this as well! It could really help us out

Hey @banthonisz 
Would you still be willing to share the Zap that you used to connect Idea Status and SFDC?