Send SFDC+PX Integration Sync Failure notification to the Admins

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Hello All,


Submitting this on behalf of one of our customer who shared a product enhancement idea to receive integration failure notification in case of any failures during the data sync with PX. For example when SFDC, Webhook or Slack sync with PX got failed it should send a failure notification to the Admins configured the Sync job. 


Another use case for admin console notifications is when guides have an error, sending a notification to a comm channel (teams, slack, email, etc.) would alsobe amazing.

@rketharaju thank you for bringing this up here, you always do a great job in bringing up the customer request on community. 

@rketharaju Thanks for the post. Take the use case of Admin Console notifications for Engagement failures - Given that there could be lot of failures, do we want actual errors to be sent or a notification sent based on a error threshold -

For e.g - If you see more than 5% errors on a Engagement launch - send a notification instead of absolute errors.

@skalle even the email will give some insight that the sync is not working as expected and we can review the Admin console for more information.

Hi @rketharaju , I will add this to the list of enhancements for Admin Console notifications. This is in our mid term roadmap considerations