Text badge support

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In addition to icon badge we have many use cases where a guide is launched from a text badge. Since text badge is not supported we tried to work around this limitation by creating a tooltip guide which hide all navigations and use a custom button to overlay on top of Next button in order to mimic text badge behavior. But we still can’t hide the triangle/caret from the tooltip step/engagement guide to match our design. 


Please consider to add text badge support. 

Will consider this . For the text badge’s - Is your idea something like GS giving you a fixed icon where you can configure and set text to it?


Yes. It could be an option in badge config where instead of using icon a text could be configured. When text is used badge width could be auto (stretch to fit the text) or fixed px (specified in Editor->Size). The behavior of text badge would be the same as icon badge, i.e., clicking on it to launch the next step in the guide.


We currently don’t have use case for icon+text badge which is a nice to have on top of this.

@chunmeilu  One other option I see is you using a HTML content( Using image URL) . Do you think that would solve your use case?

I do not think that will work, as the image then has to be adjusted to ensure it does not pixelate and in some cases the user does not even know what will fit. with the Text option the user will not have to determine size, it will stretch to the size of the text. Additional options on font, colors etc are great to add on, but the basic ask is to have text in the badge options.

We have multiple use cases of using a clear text badge to indicate to users the information being provided upon clicking on the badge. This can’t be achieved with image badge even if we can afford to create separate scalable image for each text as existing image badge only support square dimension. 


Due to the lack of text badge support we have to customize a tooltip step to mimic text badge. The workaround has multiple issues:

  1. Since it is a guide triggered automatically it competes with other engagements in the same page vs badge is not conflicting with other engagements. 
  2. It needs to be scheduled to “Every Time” in order to mimic badge behavior.
  3. Visually can’t get rid of Triangle from tooltip step. Best we could do is to blend it into the background of the page.