Text box in Multi Question Survey Template

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In Multi Question Survey of PX, We have two templates one includes the Question and One includes the additional text.

But Can we have a option to have a extra text box in Question template itself?


USE CASE: Once we ask a question, we will give users to select one option. If the options we have provided doesn’t work for users, We will provide an option called “OTHER”. So In most cases, we would like to know what customer is referring as OTHER, So If we can provide a text box in the Question template itself, It would be helpful for us to know what user is mentioning.


More Clearly with an example:

“I am asking my users what CRM they use and the options to select are Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. and I'd like to add an "Other" option where the user can type their own answer.”


Thanks for the suggestion!


A workaround is to also include an ‘open text question’, something like:

Just one more question :) How do you like your CRM and if you chose ‘Other’, what CRM are you using?