Time delay in engagements

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Would really be helpful if there is a time delay option for an engagement to launch. I have seen some other customers request these 3 years back.

Hi @anushat it is available in Dialog engagements today. We will look at extending it to other engagement types.




The current workaround that really will work for this use case…


It is possible to use a Dialog type Engagement, with a time delay setting, to redirect the User to any another Engagement type when it is closed. 


The end user experience should be the same as if going from the first Step/Page of an Engagement to the next Step/Page in the same Engagement. 


See this previous post’s reply for more details on the URL Redirect option and even another way to do this based on Engagement View/Completed Events.



Happy PX-ing!!!!

@link_black - One problem with that approach is in what shows up in the KC bot. If the opening dialog content is in the dialog itself, people opening the guide from the KC bot will miss the content. If there is duplication, then someone going from the dialog to the guide might get annoyed by duplicate content or think that something didn’t work and quit.


Also, it will be hard to measure the completion rate.