Timeline Security

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We have timeline entry types that we want to only allow specific users however we haven’t found the security to be granular enough to support this. Is there any workaround possible for this otherwise can we request a product enhancement for additional granularity on the security permissions? 


We don’t have a way to restrict viewing activities based on activity attributes yet. It is on the medium term roadmap.

Thank you @nitisha_rathi - appreciate the updates. 

We have a few different use cases. One is that we have a monetized Customer Success Organization as well as a non-monetized Customer Success Organization so we want to lock the entries down to read only for non-monetized and read / write for the monetized team for a specific type called “ESP Activity”. In addition, our executive team has asked for a similar field with only specific individuals having access to read and write to the field. 


Let me know if any details on our use case would help in the development efforts. 

I agree @cnichols and @nitisha_rathi, there’s no way to get granular enough on Permissions or Sharing Settings to restrict access to Timeline Activity fields. 

I don’t know if any other option would work for you Cody, but if you put the fields on the C360, you could control Read/Write actions there. The C360 can be controlled by having different C360s for each user type. For example, you could have a C360 for the monetized team that allows them to edit the fields and another C360 for the non-monetized team that doesn’t allow them to edit the fields. Its probably not an ideal situation as I could see how you might want to have multiple timeline entries with multiple field values per client. But just thought I would throw it out there in case it helps solve what you’re trying to do. 

The other option I’ve seen is to have a timeline activity with all the common fields. And then have a rule create a separate MDA record with all the fields you want. You can control who sees and can edit these records. This solution has worked well with some other customers who wanted to create an Expansion record that includes much more information than the Timeline Activity. In this scenario, the Timeline Activity is created, this then creates the Expansion record, and then the Money CSM can edit the Expansion record. And if you need to ship it to sales, you can trigger a SFDC record update based on the Expansion record. 

Hope these help.

Thank you @jean.nairon  - We’ll evaluate the options and see how we want to proceed here. 

We did separate the C360 views out for the monetized team from the non-monetized with separate editable fields so maybe this is the solution that we weren’t thinking of previously. 

We’d like to limit which type users can pick to log, as opposed to the visibility of them once posted. 

Thanks for sharing the details. Granular permissions are a part of our long term roadmap.