Are there issues with Gainsight PX and adblockers?

  • 9 May 2023
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I have some anecdotal evidence that an adblocker could disrupt Gainsight PX performance. Does anyone know anything further? 

In this example, some users weren’t seeing the KBOT in a solution where it is installed. They had an adblocker installed (uBlock Origin) and when they turned it off, the KBOT appeared for them. When they turned it back on, the KBOT disappeared again.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any chance that an adblocker could also be disrupting the experience data Gainsight PX gathers?


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Hi @JayS , thanks for posting this!


As this FAQ answer says, Gainsight PX is not on any “blacklists” so our URLs, cookies, and/or JavaScript should not be blocked by any Ad Blocker software’s default settings.  However, PX relies on client side cookies for user/session identification and client side JavaScript for tracking and displaying Engagements/KC Bot.  Our PX Cookies (apt.sid and apt.uid) are considered first party/class cookies and are tied directly to the domain/subdomain of the currently tracked web application, so again they should not be blocked by default.


The majority of internet users WILL have various ad/cookie/popup/javascript blockers (not always called “ad blockers”) installed as browser plugins either by their corporate policies or through manual installation. These browser plugins can certainly prevent PX tracking and serving PX Engagements/KC Bot if configured in a way that our PX cookies, JavaScript, and/or * network calls are not allowed.


Depending on whose numbers you trust, ~30% of all internet users use Ad Blockers and probably ~60% or more of experienced/technical users use them … personally, I think both of these numbers are much higher.


As far as what you can do to mitigate these issues...

  1. Ask your users to turn off any ad/cookie/popup/javascript blockers for your web application site.
  2. Notify your users that you are using PX for good reasons and update your terms of service like shown in my previous PX Community post.
  3. You could consider deploying PX with a proxy server option so that all PX network traffic goes through your server domains, which should already be allowed/whitelisted, and that will hide our * domain from the required network calls and any network filtering that may be applied.  


I hope this helps some!




My engineering team just identified a Chrome extension that is blocking Gainsight PX events with their default configuration.

The experience that we saw was that even with the Gainsight javascript installed we were not seeing any activity in the Network tab of the developer tools.