Knowledge base: now previewing on inSpired!

Knowledge base: now previewing on inSpired!

You might have seen the new cards on the inSpired homepage under ‘Articles and Guides’ - meet the Knowledge base. We’re previewing this new module ahead of the rollout for all our customer.

Knowledge base cards on the inSpired Homepage

What is a Knowledge base?

In a nutshell, the inSided Knowledge base is a new module, which seamlessly works together with the community, where can promote your company official content in a delightful way and help your users help themselves.

This article highlights the key features and whereabouts of this new module:  What is the inSided Knowledge Base?

Why did we build a Knowledge base?

The majority of your users is looking for answers themselves. We proudly see that you are already helping your users find these answers by adding helpful content and answers on your community platform.

On some communites it can be a challenge to make sure helpful content doesn’t dissapear between all other user-generated posts. You are already able to highlight topics by featuring them, or by making them “sticky”. However this affects the browsing behaviour if you want to highlight more than a few topics at the same time. There are better ways to do this.

We have built this Knowledge Base as an addon to your existing community platform. It’s meant to be a designated are for your (official) company/product support content. Topics in the Knowledge Base are either created or curated by your team, showing that the content is verified and can be trusted to answer a question.

By adding a Knowledge Base to your existing community, you can ensure that your users will be able to find the right answers/information themselves in a shared pool of both company curated and user-generated content.  Sounds great right?

What exactly will be available?

  • A Knowledge base module which can be separately configured from the community
  • Knowledge base (parent) categories with an optimised UI/UX to easy browse and navigate
  • Navigation cards on the homepage
  • Drag & Drop module to control in which order topics are displayed in the Knowledge base
  • Improvements to the article editor so you can write rich articles with extensive formatting functionalities like tables, callouts, code blocks with code-syntax highlighting and more 


How much does this new module cost?
Nothing, this new module will be added to your platform free of charge

What is the difference between a community and a knowledge base?
A community is populated with user-generated content such as questions, answers, discussions and ideas. Topics are displayed by recent activity. 

A knowledge base is populated with your company (official) support content such as articles, guides, tutorials and FAQs. You can determine in which order topics are displayed with drag & drop control. Your users can’t submit topics in a knowledge base.

Update - 26 September
The Knowledge base module is available now

When can I make use of the Knowledge Base? Thursday 19 September

Is it correct that I don't see the knowledge base option in control yet?
Hey @Pieter can you check it again? Please let us know if it still not visible
@Yoeri Yes it's visible now! Much appreciated. 🙌