New Data Management Beta - fields not refreshing?

  • 9 February 2022
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I tried to use the new Data Management Beta today - added a few custom fields to a custom object.  When I saved it - the schema does not show the new fields I added in the beta.  When I switched to the current Data Management UI - the fields I created under beta are showing here.   Is there a trick to having the field list refresh in the beta?

5 replies

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@pgeorge would you be able to share anything here?


@Bhawya FYI

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@waynedilworth Can you please share the org details for us to check? 

We verified on our side and it’s working fine. Fields created for custom object in beta is refreshed and available in both old and new GDM.

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@Bhawya - I will send that in a private message.  However - I think I found the issue.

The object has 40 fields, 35 custom - the page only shows 25 fields by default.  My new fields apparently were added to page 2 - but the pages are alphabetized.  So even though I had fields that started with A - they did not show in the list until I a)went to page 2, or b) showed 50 fields.   Not a great experience, but I understand how to use it now.

Page 1:

Page 2:


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… and switching from 25 fields to 50 fields does not appear to be sticky.  I have to select it each time I review the object schema.