Annual Maintenance Tasks

  • 24 January 2024
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Hello Admins!  A recent question from the Global Gainsight Admin Slack channel is the root of this post.

“Does anyone have a list of yearly tasks they have to manage to maintain Gainsight?”.


In my past roles supporting financial solutions there was always the dreaded year-end where the ghosts of annual maintenance would come knocking.  I recall how maintaining a living document of the list of tasks and reference to how to achieve them was key to survival.

I wanted to capture some annual Gainsight maintenance tasks here to help provide reminders and support for those key times when things get a little hectic.  So, drop your suggestions in the chat to help build a more comprehensive list of tasks that might be needed on an annual or infrequent basis.

Here’s a few from the OP:

  • Report Maintenance - reviewing dates or headers that need to be rolled forward
  • Surveys - review end dates or deprecate as needed
  • Data Design or Rules Maintenance for dates
  • Updating or Creating annual Campaigns in SFDC
  • Annual maintenance of licenses or certification for website and other job related tools
  • Renew your Gainsight Admin Certification 😎

What else is on your list?  Let me know by dropping a chat below.  

Take care and here’s to 2024! 🥂


Credit to admins @stacey george, @alizee , and @keith_mattes

1 reply

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I manage JO for Gainsight, and as a part of actively managing my queue, I do a manual active program audit twice a year. Although this is an older limit (it’s in a doc somewhere), I try and keep my active program count under 200. Since JO doesn’t currently have the ability to set a program Stop Date or a mechanism to pause/stop programs not sending in X days, this audit process is entirely manual. I literally have to look at the performance of EVERY active program. I have heard that we might be seeing a program Stop-Date feature at some point.. that will be a HUGE help. Even though this is currently a time-consuming process, the GonG JO queue is lean and mean. 

Other things I do yearly:

  • Evaluate Rel. Person JO segment audience models (75-80% of what I send uses Segments.. all I do is edit filters. I love em!)
  • Update Email/JO Admin Email Research Dashboards and evaluate Custom JO Admin GS Home View