Salesforce Integration Use Cases

  • 15 July 2021
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I’d love to get a thread going on gaps that people have found with the Salesforce integration and the workaround solutions that people have created (or not found a workaround for and could use some help). Here are a few that I’ve encountered: 

  • Community Members who are not Salesforce Contacts - how are other community teams tracking and reporting on community members who are not existing Contacts in Salesforce? This essentially means that Salesforce won’t have comprehensive wholistic reporting. It’s not a report for community activity, just the community that’s in Salesforce as Contacts already. 
  • Historicals - From the original inSided help article, “If a Contact is subsequently found for a Community Member, then we’ll link the Contact on the next data sync interval → however, historical data (community member activities) will not be sent for this Community Member to Salesforce.” - does anyone actually go to put this historical information into inSided? Again, not including historicals leads to an incomplete reporting picture in Salesforce. 
  • Ideation Reports & Visualizations by Account - We do a lot of idea roadmap prioritizing based on Account. So Ideas and number of votes by Account, as well as, by Account, what ideas have been submitted. I’m not sure if these are in the unmanaged package with Ideation, but we weren’t able to use this package because we encountered the currency issue. 

4 replies

@tiffany.oda Great discussion to get started. I’ve made this a sticky topic in the community category to gain visibility.  

I remember @Chris Anderson recently posted this topic in regards to using SF and Zapier together. He may have some thoughts on your topics as well. 

@becky.scott created this idea some time ago, but it could use some upvoting. 

Great topic @tiffany.oda! Yes, I was also stuck on the first two bullets and shared the solution I came up with in the topic above. As I noted in that topic, though, I’m still expecting some data quality issues, since the “Company” field is a text input box, and I think SFDC is case sensitive and must exactly match the account name from the “Company” field in the inSided profile. It’s better than nothing, though, I figured.

Ultimately I see the SFDC as a short term analytics solution for us + it gives our GTM teams some better visibility into community engagement across their owned accounts. Longer term, we are pulling all of the available inSided engagement data via API into our data warehouse and will be building custom reports in Mode, our current BI tool.

I’m a novice w/SFDC report building, but am going to roll up my sleeves and ask for some help from our SFDC admin for the short term ;) 

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Hi @tiffany.oda thank you for your post while I don’t have any workarounds to provide I wanted to follow up and ask if you ended up finding a solution for the ideation dashboard/reports?

We are 5 months into our new community with inSided and ran into the same scenario with the ideation report install package due to currency. Did you ultimately have to create custom ones in Salesforce for Ideation data?

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Community Members who are not Salesforce Contacts

Once a week I would check the SF report of contacts that exist in the community and not in Salesforce and turn them into contacts sans opportunity.


On Fridays I do data clean-up, fix any spelling mistakes in registration and add additional information available in Saleforce to DigitalHub.  This way I can create community reports that complement the information being seen by CSM’s and Sales.

Ideation Reports & Visualizations by Account

Not currently using Ideation but I add feature requests to the internal system and can arrange more in depth feedback sessions with individual community members.