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  • 24 June 2016
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Are you interested in learning best practices from other Customer Success teams? Our customer success showcase sessions have been aggregated together in a digital format! You can now view them as on-demand webinars.

Webinars available now:

Red Hat - Learn how and why Red Hat is investing in Customer Success and why the focus on a superior customer experience should be on the roadmap for other open source companies.

GuideSpark - The GuideSpark team will go into the details of how they segmented their customer base, designed their customer health scorecard, and achieved +50% response rates for NPS surveys!

Cisco - The Cisco team will take you through their strategy development, implementation of Gainsight, how they addressed data challenges, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Apttus - View this webinar to understand how team members across Apttus use Gainsight to better understand key customer health metrics and holistically manage their customers.

Firmex - Firmex wanted to make strategic and operational decisions based on hard data over theory, so they embarked on a journey to build business intelligence & analytics solutions with the goal of providing an accurate, reliable, and detailed view of product usage data for customer-facing, marketing, and product teams.

Lifesize - Come learn how a newly hired customer success executive created the Company’s first customer success team and enabled them to deliver Customer Obsession at scale through Gainsight!

InsightSquared - The InsightSquared team will share rules of thumb for a successful Gainsight implementation (with lessons learned from their own experience) to make an impact right out of the gate.

Docusign - Come learn how DocuSign strategically implemented Gainsight and how the team is using Gainsight to drive adoption, understand customer health, find upsell opportunities and improve the customer experience!

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