Capturing data from the End of a Stage?

Hi I'm wondering if anyone captures data at the end of a stage and how this is done?

As an example I'd like to know what a customer's health score was when they were done with on-boarding.  Is this data persisted anywhere?

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Hi Thomas,

One way of achieving this is by logging something like 'On-boarding Completed' as a Milestone. You can then overlay these Milestones on top of score trends in the adoption/usage section on C360. This way you can see what the score (or any other trended metric) value was before and after.

Would this work for you?
Yeah it would help, but I was thinking more about reporting.

Do we see a dip in usage after on boarding for specific vertical etc.

Maybe I could run a report against 2 milestones...

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The tricky bit here is to combine usage from multiple customers who on-boarded on different dates. Because for me month-1 usage might have been back in Jan, but for you it's this month. From a reporting perspective, I need to aggregate (sum/avg) the two to get combined month-1 usage.

If you can have the on-boarding date available at the Account or Customer level, you could create a formula field in the Usage Data object that does this for you. Here's an example where I'm determining the month after joining date each usage data record belongs to:



Once this is done, you'll have to sync this data to MDA (because we can't group by Salesforce formula fields) to create a report that aggregates usage by the month after on-boarding date. You can either filter this report for a particular vertical, or add it as the second 'group by' dimension to generate a heat-map of how usage looks for each vertical each month after finishing their on-boarding. Something like this, but with verticals on the x-axis, instead of joining month:



This was extremely helpful...