Defining Success and Creating a Health Score

  • 3 January 2023
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Hello out there. I am leading efforts to stand up a team and implement effective CS strategies within my company for a healthcare technology. I am looking for general references on how to go about defining “success” for our end-users and developing a health score to track and identify opportunities. Any direction would be greatly appreciated! Books, webinars, articles, etc...

8 replies

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Thank you for initiating such an interesting conversation @AnthonyF_Curity_CS 🙌🏼

Looping in @slee for her valuable thoughts on this.💡

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Hi @AnthonyF_Curity_CS -- happy new year! Exciting to hear about the efforts at your org. This might be an easier topic to chat through live rather than back and forth via posts. I’ll reach out to you privately to see if you’d have some time in the next few days and we can talk about some ideas and some frameworks I’ve seen over the years at other successful healthcare companies and organizations. I can also help connect you to some other CS leaders in the healthcare space (already got a few in mind from similar companies to yours). Looking forward to connecting!

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@renee_burrell Just yesterday I saw your Pulse 2023 speaker submission in our spreadsheet! 😉 I feel like you’d be full of ideas on this topic!

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Also, some great recordings and slides for you from Pulse 2022!

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@seth Thanks for the @ mention, and for reviewing my Pulse proposed topic. 🙂 @AnthonyF_Curity_CS I would love to help. We tackled a redesign of our customer health score in 2022 all stemming from defining what health is and what our primary growth and risk indicators are. I would be happy to walk you through our approach and resulting strategy and plan if you are interested in setting up some time.

We wanted to make sure we were really thoughtful about how we tackled our customer health scoring strategy so we kicked off the project with a couple interviews with other customer success professionals from within our network. Then we hosted an internal customer health workshop made up of cross functional team members. Below are some of the pre-read resources we had the participants review prior to the workshop and then the workshop agenda we followed. We took all the great information from our resources and the workshop to develop the strategy and plan for execution. And we have been executing ever since with an exciting 2023 health roadmap to tackle. 🙂 Again, I would be happy to share in more detail if you are interested. I’ll also mention some of the work here informed how we operationalized customer value, a bonus!

Good luck with your project. 


Pre-Read Email with Resource Links:


Hey Customer Health Enthusiasts! 


I'm so excited for next week, I love a good brainstorm . . . . and writing on the white board. 🙂 In preparation for next week I have a couple "homework" assignments for you all. I have timed each article and webinar so you know how much time to set aside. To review the primary content, it is about an hour and a half commitment, and then there are some bonus articles if you want to get crazy . . .

As a quick reminder prior to jumping into the content, this is what we will be working to accomplish on March 3rd:

  • Establishing our "Why" - the purpose and goals behind our customer health model
  • Peeling Back the Onion - who is our customer and where are they at (literally and figuratively)?
  • Exposing Value Drivers & Churn/Growth Indicators - what customers hope to achieve with the product and top reasons they churn, downgrade or expand.
  • Defining Key Measurements - what measurement framework can we use to monitor health indicators
  • Organizing our Thoughts - how we want to prioritize our scorecard development

Below are the primary pieces of content. Please digitally or physically mark them up. Having thoughts and ideas formed prior to the meeting will help us have a super collaborative and productive brainstorming session. Use the guide above to help structure your thoughts.

  1. How Gainsight Redesigned the Customer Health Score for One of Its Products - 9 Minute Article
  2. Why Your Customer Health Score May Be Quite Useless - 7 Minute Article
  3. Anatomy of a High Performing Health Score - 56 Minute Webinar
  4. Summary of notes from our customer health interviews

Bonus Content:

  1. 6 Essential Steps to Building a Predictive Health Score Program - 4 Minute Article
  2. Seven Reasons Why Your Customers Won’t Renew - 8 Minute Article
  3. Customer Health vs Identified Risk - 4 Minute Community Post
  4. How to Score Customer Health - 6 Minute Article
  5. Is It Time Your Customers Got a Health Checkup? - 6 Minute Article
  6. How SaaS Companies Can Prevent Churn And Drive Growth Using AI - 5 Minute Article
  7. Gainsight Health Outcomes - 47 page deck shared by our GS CSM (internal link)


Workshop Agenda with Time Allocations:



Objective: As a customer centric group, collaborate and establish the “what” & “why” behind our customer health framework, determine and prioritize our starting point anchored on primary growth and churn factors, and initiate a plan to implement and activate a customer scorecard in 2022!

Agenda: Our time & activities will be organized in the following way . . . 

  • Establishing our "Why" - the purpose and goals behind our customer health model. 30

  • Peeling Back the Onion - who is our customer and where are they at (literally and figuratively)? 30

  • Exposing Churn/Growth Indicators - the top reasons customers churn, downgrade or expand? 50

  • Defining Key Measurements - what measurement framework can we use to monitor health? 50

  • Organizing our Thoughts - how we want to prioritize our scorecard development/activation 20

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WOW @renee_burrell !!

Thank you, @seth and @renee_burrell for the resources. Feel that I have a significant place to start. I may by reaching out in the future to pick each of your brains a bit more. 


Thank you, @slee for responding and setting up some time with me. I look forward to the conversation.


Thank you, @revathimenon for getting the ball rolling on this thread!


@renee_burrell, This is everything I needed - thank you so much for taking the time to recap that and share it! 🙌