Edtech Roundtable: Wins, Challenges + Current Priorities with 4 Edtech CS Leaders

  • 2 October 2023
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Recently, Gainsight brought together a set of CS leaders from the edtech industry.  We ran a roundtable focused on wins and challenges with edtech customer success. 

I’ve summarized the discussion below and added a few resources including an invitation to a new cohort program for Gainsight customers. The first cohort is focused on Risk Management. Sign up here to learn more and participate!

Do these topics resonate with you? What’s one win and one challenge you have?  Share here to learn from the rest of the Gainsight Community!



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Automated Lead Generation & Onboarding Challenges

Discussed a successful strategy implemented by one company to operationalize the capture of leads and to quantify cross-sell and upsell opportunities generated by the CS team. They used Gainsight to create leads automatically into Salesforce when certain conditions are met, such as usage metrics and health scores.  Already generating over $400K in ARR! 


Learn more about Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs). Or take a short 5 min walkthrough led by our product team.



Health Score Data Analysis for Customer Expansion

Gainsight shared an analysis of their health score data focused on identifying key health measures for customer expansion. Adoption (Login Frequency) and Verified Outcomes (Quantifiable ROI Statement from Customer) were crucial in identifying potential expansion opportunities. Additionally, regular engagement with the right people at the right time was also a leading indicator of expansion. 

In edtech, one company noted that usage, specifically teacher logins and average weekly users, were important indicators.  These are used to identify similar accounts in terms of size and product mix that should be targeted for expansion.


Change Management + Effective Gainsight Adoption 

Driving adoption of any business process tool has challenges!  There’s been a lot of good research on how to change behavior.  A person needs to see:

  • Someone like them
  • Make a change
  • See the desired impact


One strategy to do this: create a working group of CSM users to test new ideas, collect feedback and brainstorm improved approaches - include high adopters and skeptics in the group! At Gainsight, we call this group our “Change Champions.”


Another company shared a very similar strategy forming "Gainsight Gurus" and "Data Geek Squad" groups to improve Gainsight adoption, highlighting the importance of user feedback for successful implementation.


This webinar discussion led by a customer is full of strategies with examples. Check it out!






Creating Trusted Partnerships with Edu Leaders Despite High Turnover and Skepticism to Engage

Creating a true tech-touch journey due to the heavy touch required for onboarding and the frequent turnover in the education sector. Self-service contact updates via email or in-app were two successful strategies shared to overcome the turnover challenge. Use Gainsight PX for automated role/contact updates


We discussed one team’s challenges in establishing trusted partnerships with school districts, emphasizing the need for successful metrics and addressing turnover among educators. Other participants shared success with utilizing testimonials from satisfied school districts to showcase the value of a trusted partnership with active engagement vs. being treated like a transactional vendor.


Effective Risk Management 

We discussed challenges and opportunities with better Risk Management.  “I love doing Risk updates” - said no one ever.  At the same time, Risk Identification + Resolution is *critical* to Customer Success. 


I’ve found it really effective to be clear that identifying risks are not an indication of a CSM doing a poor job.  Three things I always focus on here:

  • Repeat this message consistently
  • Congratulate/showcase CSMs that are identifying and escalating risks
  • Bring CSMs together to share top risks they have and have the group co-problem solve


And for all Gainsight Customers looking to level up their risk process. I'm excited to announce launched a Risk Management Cohort Program for any company looking to (re)establish their Risk Management approach with Gainsight.  Sign up here to learn more and participate!

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