Freezing Health Score Color for Will Churn/Churned Customers

  • 1 April 2016
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Hi team, 

Does anyone know of a way we can freeze a churned/will churn customer's health scorecard in Gainsight so that we can start reporting on trends?

When a customer churns, we move them to the "Churned" Stage and our CSMs will close out the CTAs as Closed Risk to clear out the noise in their cockpit. Since our scorecard colors are driven by specific reason codes, once the CTA is closed, each measure will turn green the next day. This causes a problem for our churn analysis downstream.

Any tips on how you can keep the cockpit clear but also keep a record of all of the risks identified in the customer account?

BONUS question: We were also thinking of trying to find a way to operationalize "If a customer is in Churned Stage, then the Overall Health Score = RED (or black) or some really obvious color" Any tips on this?



1 reply

Hi Linda,

The basic issue I believe is that the scores should not be updated for churned customers.

If you could add filters to the rules which filter out the churned customers before set score action happens, then this should solve the problem and the score will continue to be the same as it was before churn happened.

Let me know if this helps.


Abhishek S