Introducing Gainsight Benchmarks - a new way to compare your post-sales performance

  • 14 February 2024
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What’s a good CSM to Account Ratio? What about Avg. ARR per CSM? How does NRR & GRR compare in the segment we operate? How do we benchmark ourselves against our peers for these types of performance metrics?

These are some of the typical questions that come up across our customer base and across the market. However, finding reliable sources that consolidate post-sale KPIs for comparison with peers in your segment is challenging, if not impossible. The problem further deepens, as these metrics are constantly changing as companies mature and develop Scaled & Digital CS approaches.

Don’t worry, It’s going to be a problem of the past with the arrival of Gainsight’s new Benchmarks tool.

Gainsight Benchmarks will help companies identify areas of strength and opportunity across 8 post-sale KPIs. You can analyze KPIs with interactive visualizations and filters to narrow down the metrics to the segment you belong to.


Get Started with Gainsight Benchmarks with three simple steps!

1.  Log into

2. Input your GSID to access your info (reach out to your CSM to obtain your GSID)

3. Verify/update your KPIs to access interactive benchmarks


If you have any further questions, write to us at


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Love this - thanks for sharing Suren!  💪