NPS reference-able question dependent on if that contact is already reference-able

  • 29 October 2015
  • 2 replies

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Is there a way to make a question dependent on certain criteria in Salesforce? For example, with our NPS question if they select a 9 or 10 we want to ask them if they would like to be a reference for us in the future BUT we only want to ask them this if they have not already agreed to be a reference which is a box that is checked on their contact record type in SF. Is this possible?

2 replies

Hi Andrew, 

Currently we do not have ability to make a question dependent on certain criteria in SF during question logic branching.

However, I have alternate solution you can send outreach to the customers by creating a power list based on NPS Response and add additional criteria of Ready for Reference.

In this outreach-email template you can attach survey for referral and send to customers selected on above power list criteria.

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Actually I see what you are saying and that may work for us. Thanks!