Sponsor Tracking - Details of changed included in CTA

  • 25 January 2016
  • 7 replies

We have a rule that creates a CTA when there is a change to a sponsor (Title, Location or Company). The details of the change, ChangedAttribute  NewValue and OldValue are captured in the tracking history. However, I need to include this information on the CTA so the rep know what changed. How can this be done?

7 replies

I put them in the comments section of the CTA using Tokens


Thank you....I will do that now!
Hmm, I tried to add ${SponsorTrackingHistory::ChangedAttribute} to the Comments field,  but it won't save. If I pick one of the options that appears when I type an "@", it works. For example ${SponsorTrackingHistory::Contact Name}.

I think what I really want is:

${SponsorTrackingHistory::Contact Name},



Using tokens is a new area for me, so any guidance is appreciated.
You are doing it right. @ pulls up the item and then what you get in the comments will show the $. 

You can also do this in the Name of the rule as well.
I was having difficulty adding the tags to the Comments for the CTA, so thought I'd share this golden nugget: You have to add the field you want to use as tags to the "Show

Me" section of the rule first!

Thank you Mandy in support!

Oh yes that is a must! Good catch!