#2minHowTo : Leveraging Gainsight PX and CS for Role/Persona Confirmation

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As most organizations look to create a digital-first experience for their customers, it’s important not to forget some of the benefits of human-first. For example, when you meet with a customer, the conversation tends to change directions to cover everything from your customers personal role to their larger strategy.


Creating a similar personalized experience in a digital-first environment is vital. We need to deliver key messaging, guidance, and support, proactively and at the right time. In order to do that, however, it’s important to have a similar conversation with your customers, to understand what’s going on with their business and what’s their role in driving the business forward. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t include ChatGPT - for now…)


Let’s talk about why their role is important. By knowing if your customer is an individual contributor or manager, you can tailor the experience to better meet their needs. For example, in Gainsight CS a Customer Success Manager would be classified as an individual contributor and likely spend their time logging timeline entries, viewing customer overviews (C360/R360), and in the Cockpit. A manager however may do these things as well, but is more likely to spend time on reporting, dashboards, and reviewing holistic outcomes of their teams performance. Knowing where our customers will be, allows us to deliver those messages in the right places, at the right time.


To help get you started on how to collect this information (having this conversation if you will), here’s a quick video of just one of the many ways you can leverage the power of Gainsight CS and PX.



This approach can be applied in many different ways, such as:


  • Understanding their expected outcomes from using your product/s
  • Discovering their plans to increase/decrease their use of your product/s
  • Surveying customers to understand what future roadmap releases are most important to them


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I hope you found this useful, if you have any questions or additional use case ideas, please do share them in the comments below

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