Do you default to Data Designer?

  • 8 November 2022
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Trying something new with a short Gainsight admin video. It is a bit of fun. Hopefully, you find it informative. Please share your feedback.

I don't think I'm ready for TikTok just yet, but with more practice, who knows 😄

I'll get us started with Data Designer because I rarely use Data Designer. And I noticed the feature wasn't particularly prevalent in the Gainsight admin certification.

Two questions:
Do you default to Data Designer?
What do you like to use Data Designer for especially?



3 replies

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We do a lot with Journey Orchestrator, and a lot of times, our teams are tweaking a list of contacts I’ve pulled or just straight up giving me a list.  I like to load to S3, and then, use Data Designer to add additional fields I need.  Publish and then use in Query Builder.

I also use it a lot to mesh together survey results with AO Participant Custom Fields, AO Participant Data with CTAs, etc.

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The ability to combine multiple objects is the reason why Data designer is awesome! There are a lot of good uses cases DD helps you solve for. With that being said, when to utilize DD vs Rules engine sometimes comes down to a “it depends, what you’re trying to accomplish”

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Stay tuned everyone - Data Designer and Rules is getting unified in Horizon Rules so you no longer will have to choose!  Beta coming in December for this Horizon Rules so reach out via your CSM if you are interested in participating.