Gainsight CS NXT - Recommendations for Accessibility settings - Colors

  • 1 May 2023
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Does Gainsight have any recommendations/best practices to share regarding the use of COLORS in Reports, Dashboards, Gainsight Home, etc?  

I see an article for Gainsight PX but I’m not finding anything for Gainsight CS in Support Center.



2 replies

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A couple ideas for you @jeremy_johnston, from several years of reporting and dashboarding.

  • Spend some time in this article. Great information here about the “how to” of setting colors.
  • Use Custom Colors liberally. That will let you configure colors for field / value pairs, so that anytime you use a configured field, and anytime that field has configured values, the colors are consistent across all reports. This adds clarity and impact for your dashboard users.
  • If you adjust the Default Color Palette, avoid using colors which are overly deep or dark. I’ve seen folks try to use company brand colors in reporting. While it’s a great idea, and can personalize your instance, brand colors are often not great in reports. Brand colors can be really deep, and make data labels or other report components hard or distracting to read, which sometimes reduces the overall actionability and impact of reports.
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Thanks @matthew_lind; we’re familiar with the availability of customizing colors and will be leveraging that in this ‘accessibility’ initiative.  I’m specifically seeking guidance around colors and their usage for folks with accessibility issues, e.g. color blindness.  Wondering if Gainsight or other Gainsight users have tackled this before successfully, and if so, what approaches were used.


There are standards out there WebAIM: Contrast and Color Accessibility - Understanding WCAG 2 Contrast and Color Requirements but I’m looking within the Gainsight community for more focused inputs.