Gainsight PX In-Person Training Opportunity

Gainsight PX In-Person Training Opportunity
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On August 16 in San Francisco, the day before Gainsight’s Pulse conference, you’re invited to join us for an in-person day-long workshop focused on Driving Product Adoption and Prioritizing Your Roadmap for Growth Using Gainsight PX.

Join Gainsight’s PX team, including @harshibanka @mickey @link_black @broghanzwack @ophirsw and more, for an exciting hands-on workshop focused on giving you the tools to build a data-driven roadmap, successful user enablement / onboarding experiences, and an engaging product release experience. Guest speakers will also share best practices to orchestrate a successful end to end customer journey through cross-functional collaboration. Seats are limited to maintain a highly interactive and hands-on training experience!

Session Details:


How Product and Customer Success Teams will Collaborate to Drive Value 

A few special guest speakers will kick off the day with an exciting conversation about the future role and influence that growth oriented product managers will have, and how collaboration with the customer success team can drive greater value for your organization and clients. (30 mins)

Use PX to Prioritize Your Roadmap
Broghan Zwack, PX Solutions Architect

In this hands-on session, we’ll focus on how product managers can use product usage data from the PX application to drive roadmap decisions and prioritization. Specifically, we’ll address how to identify your personas and their KPIs, map high value actions that predict success, measure the efficacy of your user journeys with feedback and retention analytics, and build an iterative process for usability enhancements. (1 hr)

Use Product Analytics to Improve User Experience
Opheir Sweiry, Head of Product Design, and Mickey Alon, CTO for Gainsight PX 

Lean & Agile methodology requires UX teams to adjust to shorter timelines, but it also introduces the opportunity to respond to the rapidly changing needs and expectations of customers. In this session, we’ll learn how to uncover and act on opportunities to improve UX using experience analytics available in PX. We’ll also review how to collect contextual user feedback at scale, recruit the most relevant users to participate in your research, and experiment with and test guided assistance options. (1 hr.)

Building a Better Release Experience to Drive Stickiness
Harshi Banka, PX Post-Sales Leader 

It’s not enough to design and build great features and products, you also need to create customer awareness, guide adoption, and capture user sentiment. We’ll provide a framework for deciding which enhancements should make your next release, and help you create a release experience for customers that drives adoption and ultimately feature stickiness. (1 hr)

Accelerate Your Customer's Time-to-Value Through Effective Onboarding
Harshi Banka, PX Post-Sales Leader 

In this session, you'll learn how to use in-app guides and the PX knowledge center bot to create an engaging and successful onboarding experience for new clients. We’ll share strategies to accelerate TTV for your new/onboarding customer, including customized onboarding checklists presented via the PX application. (1 hr)

Leveraging Experience Data to Drive Value
Link Black, Sr. Solutions Architect 

Did you know you can use webhooks in PX to create a real time notification in Slack or Microsoft Teams? Would you like to send feature requests submitted to PX over to ProductBoard or AHA? This session will teach you how to leverage webhooks and configure custom events, as well as pushing PX data to tools like Gainsight NXT, SFDC, Zendesk, and more to increase the visibility of product usage data and the customer journey. (1 hr)

Building a Trial Experience with PX
Mickey Alon, CTO PX, and Matthew Wasley, PX Product Marketing (45 mins.)

Learn how to leverage PX to support a trial experience, including using paywalls, setting up an email drip campaign, identifying your key metrics and business KIPS, optimizing organic and inorganic content, and integrating with marketing tools like Drift, Marketo, and Chilipiper.


Register here and save your spot today! ($399/per person)

And feel free to post any questions on this page. 😄

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