Win Free Live PX Training by Sharing What You Love about PX

  • 3 February 2023
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Win Free Live PX Training by Sharing What You Love about PX
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New Instructor-Led PX Training Starts Feb. 14th

This Valentine’s Day we’re kicking off new virtual instructor-led training on PX! We encourage newer PX users to join us for live hands-on training, where you’ll get to practice building in-app Engagements, configure a Knowledge Center Bot for onboarding your new customers, and explore PX Analytics. There are 3 classes delivered over the course of 3 days. Register now with the code px-iloveyou-15 and receive 15% off!

Contest Details - Win a Free Ticket to Training

Or, just for fun, here’s how to win a free seat in the training! Comment here about something specific that you love about Gainsight PX by eod on Feb. 8th. For every comment, I’ll enter your name into a drawing, and then choose a name (or maybe 2 or 3 😊) on Feb. 9th! 

I’ll get us started…

I love how easy PX makes it to communicate with users directly in my application! We use PX on Gainsight University and our Pulse+ training platform to share new courses, provide users with a way to submit feedback (through the KC bot), and more!



8 replies

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I love the PX engagement analytics. We frequently utilize in-app engagements to connect with our users and being able to drill into the performance and better understand user behavior is of great value to us.

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I love the way it can help define the adoption strategies of the product and measure success to finally  to improve product planning and understand what customer want vs what product offers

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I love that PX provides us with an incredibly high response rate for all our surveys including NPS.

I love how easy it is to create an engagement with PX. We use dialogs and guides to help our users quickly become comfortable with our product as well as provide instant learning opportunities. The engagements are fun to design, logical to define audiences and most of all easy to launch! 😄


I love how responsive the support team has been. We have a complicated setup and they continue to jump on new issues and requests that we have.

Gainsight PX is a highly effective solution for product mapping. Its intuitive interface, robust data mapping capabilities, and advanced analytics tools make it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their product strategy. With Gainsight PX, teams can easily visualize the customer journey and identify areas for improvement, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to track and analyze user behavior and product performance provides valuable insights that drive informed product decision making.

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I love watching a User Lifecycle in PX. That is, I love watching when individual users first arrive, determining their behavior early on, and then comparing that to their behavior and usage as they become what presumably is a more mature user. And then if they discontinue using a product (heaven forbid), I like examining if their behavior changed at all just before the end.

Relatedly, I like watching User Churn. Much like customer or revenue churn, I like understanding and sharing how many users joined us in a given month, and if those new joiners represented growth in the user base, or simply replaced departed users, leaving us flat. I might even coin new acronyms someday:

  • MUR--Monthly User Retention
  • AUR--Annual User Retention
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Thanks to everyone who participated in this fun thread! We’re looking forward to seeing some of you in training next week! Cheers 💝