Ability to delete event type

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Currently you can only add or edit event types, not delete them. 

Thanks for sharing @DannyPancratz - your idea is clear to me :)

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Hi team, I just voted on this idea as I’ve fallen foul of having loads of event types I wont use in my new InSided environment with no way to delete them.

Just wanted to point out though that this idea has an infinite loop situation going on :D 

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And that idea has been closed because it’s a duplicate of this one!

Ignore me - I’ve just recognised that I’m an idiot 🤦‍♂️. Carry on!

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Hi all! I’m happy to let you know that is it now possible to remove the Event type by selecting from the dropdown the option “Choose an event type”. Here is a quick demonstration: 


Hi @Cristina - just took a look at this and that’s a great addition, but not what I was after. 

In my environment, I have loads and loads of these event types that were set up by default and cannot be removed:


It’s these that I’m looking to delete. Is there any way to do that?

@Onomatopoeia thank you for the clarification! We didn’t understand this idea was about the Event type overview page, but that makes a lot of sense as well. Would you mind opening a new idea topic with this specific need? And I will start gathering information internally about a potential solution for this. 

+1 — truly a miss on what was needed. As @Onomatopoeia  says the ask was to delete the event types. 

Hi everyone,

I think this is something shouldn’t be missing from a finished product.

Upvoting this.


Yo! insided -- anyone trying to address the real problem noted in this request and thread? Or do we need another idea that will capture that? @Julian @Marion Frecaut ?

Hi @Scott Baldwin, thank you for the follow up on this thread. We have a ticket in our backlog to address the need to clean up the event type overview list, though it hasn’t been planned yet. From my perspective, a new idea specific for this is not needed as it is a clear functionality gap. 

Hi @Cristina, sorry to ping you again, but is there any news maybe?


For more context, in our use case - we don’t need this functionality on a regular basis, we just need to clean the list after the audit. Maybe your engineering team can help us do it on the backend? 🤔

@Marina Perminova I’d asked my CSM previously about that open and they said no. 


Re-opening this idea since it has only partially been delivered. But good news: we’ll allow you to delete Event types from the Event types list very soon! If you want to learn about all upcoming Events improvements before they hit GA, make sure opt-in to Events improvements from the Experimental features page, and join the beta group!

Plus one would love the ability to clean up or event types list and delete them. 


This feature has now been delivered! Read all about it in the product update.