Better Global Context and Segment logic in Audience rules

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Currently, when defining an audience for engagements, the Global Context and Segment options are extremely limited. You can basically only do a simple match:

But I need logic similar to what is available for mapped features. For example, I’d like to be able to create audience criteria such as:

  • [Segment A] was matched in last 30 days
  • [Segment B] was NOT matched in last 30 days
  • [Segment C] was matched 10 times
  • [Global Context A] is [example A] 10 number of times in last 30 days
  • [Global Context B] is [example B] 0 times ever (i.e. this user has never logged this global context)

The clearest example is to target engagements to users who have never used version X of a product, where ‘product version’ is logged as global context. I don’t think I can target an engagement that way with the current logic abilities.

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