Enable Real Time Sync in Connectors with Opportunities

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Ideally, opportunity would have a real time sync back to SFDC as there are fields the CSMs are required to update. Additionally, this would allow for a better sync for CSQLs that are configured to create Opps

Hi @andreammelde ,


I did not get your request.

There is already a real time sync from gainsight to Salesforce.

Any update you make in CSQL in gainsight will be reflected in salesforce.


For syncing data back from salesforce to gainsight , here you need connectors and we have OOTB job here for that too -Opp sync job




@Ritika Jindal does that work if you use the “opportunity” and not “lead”? how is that set? I could not find documentation and when I updated a CSQL that was loaded to Opp, it did not sync back

How do you track failures?

@Ritika Jindal checking back on this - if you have it set with “opportunity” and not lead, is there a real time sync? i do not see it in the connectors or anywhere else in the product

Agree that the real-time sync from Salesforce back to Gainsight for Opportunities would be a big win.  Currently the changes made in GS sync in real time to SFDC but if changes are made in SFDC there is a lag based on the refresh schedule.