Feature Parity: New Digital Journey and Old Journey Orchestrator Email Programs

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I am trying out the New Digital Journey Program Builder and noticed that it only allows Datatype of ‘Email’ for sending emails in the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ fields. While I agree that this makes sense, one of the ways to start a journey is via ‘Events’, but Events do not allow you to specify the Email data type, only ‘String’ is available.

Feature Parity Issue: Old JO allows to set the datatype in the ‘Mapping Participant Sources’ section and set Event strings to emails -- this does not appear to be available in New Programs.

Recommendation 1: Either 1. In the New JO, add the ability to specify Data Types in the Source Fields for the Audience, 2. Allow Events to specify the datatype of Email



I also noticed that the New JO Programs do not allow multiple emails in the CC for the Email step.

Feature parity issue: I have an old JO with 3 emails in the CC field for the email step.

Recommendation 2: Allow multiple Audience field tokens (emails) in the CC field.


I hope that I’m just doing something wrong and that this can be easily fixed. Regardless, I’d love to hear what you think!


Ben Wanless



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