Rules Engine and Min/Max Values

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I created a rule to stamp the MIN value of records on an object that rolls up to the account (stamp to the customer info object).  The reason I attempted to do this via Gainsight is there is a limitation in SFDC that does not allow formula fields in filter criteria for roll up summaries.  The Gainsight rule processes and works for the majority of accounts, but some accounts just do not process correctly.  I submitted a ticket and was told there is a limitation in the rules engine for min/max values where it will stamp the min/max values of all records and not just the records related to the account.  It would be amazing if the rules engine processed min/max in relation with the account/customer info record similar to roll up summaries but allowed us to use filter criteria.  One of the things our company finds most useful about Gainsight is that it can do things that SFDC cannot do.  This would be a major benefit to our company and I hope others as well.  
Ellen - Are you available for a quick call today or tomorrow? I would like to take a look at this and see if there is any solution. if yes, could you please drop a message to
This is an issue I have when trying to find the correct opportunity tied to an account, and I want the opportunity with the min(subscription start date). Can you confirm if Ashok's solution worked?


Check out this feature request I just dropped. Likely more of a scenario thats happing in your environment with that being a date field.
Thanks Steve
Using Bionic rules you can now fetch the record that corresponds to the Min / Max value.

Hi Sundar,

I'm trying to use this concept but pick the most recent record (by Opportnity) where the record is not Null.  I have the following rule:

In this case I'm interested in gettng the latest Primary Business Consultant of the Opps in a given account.  When I remove filter B it works however it may point to an opportunity where the Primary Business Consultant is empty.  When I add filter B the MAX setting for Close Date seems to be ignored and it picks the first opportunity that meets the filter criteria.  Any ideas??