Create a Smoother Search Experience

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Create a Smoother Search Experience

Your community should be the go-to place for users seeking information and support. By leveraging a seamless search experience to surface relevant and accurate results, you can empower your customers to self-serve. In an effort to build the most user-friendly search tool, we’ve made two important enhancements that make searching your community smoother and more efficient.


What’s New?


Knowledge Base Category Filters in Search Results:

Ensure that the right help documentation is surfaced with new Knowledge Base category filters. Users can fine-tune their search directly on the search results page by selecting relevant Knowledge Base categories. Easily add or remove category filters to narrow results and stop the endless sifting.




Pre-Applied Category Filters for Specific Searches:

Searching your community just got a lot simpler. When a customer searches within a community or Knowledge Base category, we automatically apply the right filters on the 'all results' page, saving your users time and making it even easier to find accurate results.


We hope these improvements make your community even more intuitive and enjoyable. Thanks for being a part of our journey to enhance and refine the user experience further. Got any thoughts or suggestions? We're all ears!


This is great! Definitely something we were needing for our community.