Pulse Academy Live: Admin 101 & Admin 200 In-person Training

  • 5 March 2024
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Pulse Academy Live: Admin 101 & Admin 200 In-person Training
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Calling all Gainsight Admins! We’re hosting a full day of in-person training and networking the day before the Pulse conference for new Admins as well as experienced Admins. Join us on Tuesday May 14th for a hands-on learning experience. Seats are limited to ensure interactivity, including configuration exercises in a Gainsight CS training environment, small group discussions, a panel presentation from peers, and more! Classes will be held on site at America’s Center in St. Louis, MO. 


Admin 101: Foundations with @lisa.mirth 

For new Admins, we invite you to jumpstart your learning with a day of exciting, foundational content to help you become a successful Gainsight Admin. In this hands-on workshop, we'll examine a use case that revolves around identifying customer accounts with declining product usage, and devise effective strategies to win them back. This workshop will empower you to leverage a variety of Gainsight modules effectively, driving organizational success and enhancing customer satisfaction. Seats are limited to ensure a highly interactive and hands-on training experience! 

Bringing Data to Life

We begin by creating custom MDA objects, loading usage records, connecting datasets, and utilizing rules engine automation to identify usage trends and streamline the process. Presenting our teams with this view in the Customer 360 enables them to drive more efficient and effective customer meetings.

Driving Performance Excellence

Define performance measures aligned with organizational goals to track the progress of performance metrics and KPIs. Use rules to trigger specific actions based on predefined conditions, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Optimizing Customer Engagement 

Design dynamic programs tailored to individual customer needs, driving engagement, and retention. Explore strategies for crafting personalized customer journeys using Journey Orchestrator, fostering meaningful interactions and driving desired outcomes.

Driving Customer Success 

Create a custom Success Plan template to collaborate on customer goals and drive desired outcomes.

Leveraging Preconfigured Assets 

Unlock the potential of Sightline Vault by leveraging preconfigured assets for accelerated implementation and value realization. 


Admin 200 Series

This course is designed for experienced Gainsight Administrators. Our instructors and product experts will facilitate small group collaboration and opportunities for hands-on exercises in a safe training environment. Topics will include JO Advanced Programs, Scorecard Optimizer, Survey Best Practices, and Data Architecture strategies presented by a panel of your peers. Seats are limited to ensure a highly interactive and hands-on training experience!

Unveiling Dynamic Programs and Elevating Your Journey Orchestrator Skills - presented by Brian Holmes @bholmes 

Through discussion and scenario based group exercises, we’ll explore the differences between the outgoing Journey Orchestrator programs and the new Dynamic Programs. We’ll focus on the updated Evaluation element and conditions, action outcomes, and more; culminating in hands-on problem solving using the new Digital Journey to build workflows based on real-world criteria.

Enhancing Customer Feedback: Survey Strategies Across the Customer Journey  - presented by @kate_griffinand @caroline.harris 

This session is designed to guide you through the entire customer feedback process, from strategically planning survey touch points along the customer journey to effectively utilizing Gainsight for building action-oriented survey programs. Highlights include: best practices for structuring questions to extract meaningful and actionable feedback, techniques to boost participation and gather more valuable insights from your customers, leverage the Gainsight platform to turn survey data into actionable strategies for customer success, and explore methodologies to translate survey responses into tangible improvements in your customer experience.

AI-Driven Scorecard Optimization - presented by @bholmes 

Scorecard Optimizer leverages AI and your historical opportunity and/or scorecard health data to support you in configuring an effective new Scorecard, or to optimize your existing Scorecard. In this hands-on session, you will run the Optimizer in a training environment with a sample customer data set, discuss how to interpret the recommendations from Optimizer output, learn best practices, and have opportunities for Q & A. 

Data Architecture: Strategic Mastery and Maintenance - panelists: @gunjanm @matthew_lind @travis_floyd

In this session, a panel of CS Ops experts will present strategies for managing the broader organizational architecture. Presenters will guide participants in utilizing Gainsight features to decide optimal data field maintenance strategies between Gainsight and Salesforce, setting update frequency expectations based on external manual activities, and making informed decisions on data flow efficiency, including the analysis of real-time versus overnight rules execution. You’ll walk away with tools for making strategic decisions for seamless data management within and outside of Gainsight.

Find all of the event and registration details here

Please note, PAL requires a separate ticket from the Pulse conference.

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