Loss of Sponsor 'Listening Posts'

  • 3 January 2017
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We of course use Sponsor Tracking in Gainsight, but it doesn't cover all our bases. Not everyone has public profiles on LinkedIn, etc., and the data can never be perfect anyways.

It just occurred to me that we could use CoPilot hard bounces (or, for that matter, unsubscribes and marked-as-spam), on emails that are sent to customer admins, as an additional 'listening post' for potential situations where a CSM may need to make sure we still have solid relationships, and thus create a CTA based on it.

Similarly, we could look at product usage for admins, and look out for usage that tanks to zero.

So I'm super-curious:

  • Has anyone used hard bounces or product usage in that way? Has it proven useful, or does it just end up being white noise that the CSM already knows about?
  • Are there other ways that you watch out for your sponsors leaving your customers?
thx, folks!

2 replies

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That's a great way to look at things, Seth. My experience has been that when people voluntarily leave and have a new company they're going to, they are happy to announce it broadly on LinkedIn, but if they were laid off, the LinkedIn update comes a lot more slowly. 
Seth, I like where you're going with the concept of using hard bounces as a way to identify loss of key contacts. One consideration would be using that information only if the communication(s) went to certain roles or types of contacts, as opposed to all end users. That would ensure it only bubbles up bounces for important contacts, so the CSM wouldn't have sift through it too much.

And using product usage reduction data for specific roles would be a great indicator for sudden lack of engagement and, as you pointed out, as a back-up for Sponsor Tracking. In our case here at Gainsight, I would definitely want to know if the contacts designated as Adoption Champion or Admin had an abrupt and dramatic drop in usage. If the threshold is high, then it shouldn't cause a lot of CTA noise. If you have a rule that pushes the "Role" value from Contacts to the Usage Data object every week, then you could make a usage decline rule that looks just at Admin role usage, for example, and fires a CTA with X% drop from the average over X weeks.  

I'm anxious to see what other customers have to say about these ideas for using this type of info as additional listening posts. Keep 'em coming, Seth!