Account Approval: Notifying users about account activation

  • 30 November 2022
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If you are customer an account approval process for your Community, is there a way to add a note to the user so they know they should go to their email and click the ‘Activate’ their account button to prompt the approval process?

3 replies

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Hi! 🙂 I moved this to be a new topic, as it is a seperate question on its own…

So we normally show a message after the registration to indicate that a user needs to activate the account:


We recently noticed that this message does not display for some of our newer communities (yours included). It took a bit of investigation why this is the case, but I am happy to say that a fix is currently being reviewed and hopefully published soon.

Once this message is visible again, you can of course also adjust the text via phrases, however I feel that the default message above already is good as it is.

Thank you for the update and additional info here @Julian. I look forward to the fix soon.

Hi @Julian - it looks like I am seeing the ‘Account Approval Pending’ message but our ‘Welcome to the Bynder Community’ banner is now missing and the search functionality is different. The error is happening as I am logged in as an Admin to the Community.

The other thing to note is that the ‘Welcome to the Bynder Community’ appears in incognito mode when I go to but the search functionality shows up twice.

Please help and advise!