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  • 10 October 2022
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Is there a way to give badges to users based on how many times they have logged into the community? 

I’m setting up our gamification and was thinking about rewarding users based off the number of times they have logged into our community, but I’m not sure how to do it or if it’s even possible. Also, any input as to what has worked for your community in regards to gamification would be greatly appreciated!  

5 replies


Howdy @JSmith and welcome to inSpired!

I’m Blastoise186, one of the regulars here. I just want to let you know that I don’t work for inSided myself and that in actual fact I’m not even a customer myself, just a very engaged user! :)

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend awarding badges purely off of how many times someone logs in. I could literally automate doing that using something like Selenium and BrowserStack to rapid fire loads of logins, in turn racking up all of your login badges in under a day. You’d therefore end up awarding a badge for something that requires little more than me being able to set up an automation tool.

If I was to then release the method publicly, you’d end up giving your entire community the login badges at warp speed.

I hope you don’t mind me revealing how I could abuse that metric upfront - I’d rather you found out now the easy way than get a nasty shock later!

One thing you could do instead, is award a badge for anyone who consistently comments a lot or (to take an example from inSpired) replies to X number of threads within Y amount of time which for inSpired, triggers the Sprinter badge.

Points tends to be very, very good for engagement, especially with a point hungry @Julian who is known to be VERY competitive. Or if you wanted to have fun with your team, then you can do that too.

As for me? Given I’ve got over 35k Points on my home forum (which is the OVO Forum if you fancy checking it out), you can already see how engaged I can be.

But my biggest tip would be try to come up with something creative based on what your community does.

Good luck!

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There’s no way to do it out-of-the-box, BUT…

If you use the Salesfroce integration, it logs every time they visit (maybe log in too) and you could setup an automation to award the badge via Zapier or some other automation tool. 

In summary, the action to add a badge can be automated. The question is whether you have a way to trigger that action based on logins or visits or something else. 

The salesforce integration captures a lot more activity data, so that’s a current solution for some. I’ve heard whispers of future improvements that would make that data available for everyone as well, but it’d be a few months out at least and still require some configuration of how to automate the trigger. 

@DannyPancratz I am new to Insided and I am intrigued by leveraging a Zapier integration for badging. Are you finding yourself heavily leveraging Zapier to set up automations? 

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@allison_able, yes I’m using Zapier extensively for automations. I’m able to do most of the things I’d like to do, as I’ve started using Zapier well beyond the pre-built triggers and actions for other API calls. 

So whether Zapier or another automation tool, there’s quite a bit you can unlock with webhooks and API calls. 

Here are some of the things I’m doing with Zapier: 

  • google sheet - new row (with email) → assign badge and/or custom point total 
  • a lot of slack alerts based on specific tags, etc
  • tracking new user sign ups (idea stolen from @tiffany.oda blogpost) in slack (mostly just to ensure usernames are appropriate and that I have visibility into the rate people sign up)
  • Automated slack alerts for questions that haven’t received a reply after a certain amount of time
  • Pushing some salesforce info to user profiles via custom user roles

Happy to chat any time and walk you (or others through) what I’m doing to automate things as a team of one. Connect on linkedin and send me a message. 

Jumping in here!  I’d love to see more configureable rules around badging.  While I agree with @Blastoise186 that awarding badges for login only can lead to a mess, I do believe that login should be one of the qualifier choices. What I think would be awesome is using the User Overview rules to create badges.  I create segments based on dates for login, activity, ranks, roles, etc. Once I have a segment built I would like to be able to award a badges based on my segment (or be able to use the same rules for badges). 

I previously used a different community platform, and I was able to create automated custom rules for badges, based on any/all activity a user took with my community.   Another scenario that I loved to create badges for was holiday logins, and special event logins, based on user roles/ranks and length of time they had been a member.  So many possibilities to continually create engagement!